Friday, May 27, 2011

Bond Definition

Bonds are debt / long-term debt in writing within the contract bonds are made ​​by the debtor is obliged to pay the debt with interest (bond issuer) and the party receiving payment or accounts receivable held together with interest (the bondholders) is generally without the encumbrance of an asset . Bonds when first sold sold with a value of par value.

The reason investors are buying bonds where the bonds have a fixed benefit payment at a certain period and the fluctuations in bond prices that go with the flow rate.

Financial Planning Stages

The most important stage in the financial planning it is time to start planning. If one plan, financial planning purposes will not be achieved.

At the family's financial plan, honesty and good communication with your partner is essential and most basic thing. Discuss openly what will be planned. Do not have to hide.

If the main requirement has been met, the next stage you will easily pass. Stage, namely, first, setting financial goals. Second, the identification of revenue and spending plans. Third, the evaluation of the plan.

At this stage of setting family financial goals, the intended use of the money must be described in detail. For example finance the education of children, own a home, car, vacation, and so on.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Financial Planning for Family

All people want to live happy, prosperous, and tranquil. But, is it possible that the desire will come true? Fate indeed exist in God's hands. But, not impossible happiness and prosperity that we can create its own, certainly with effort and hard work.

The desire to live better in the future is a valuable capital. The question is, how can achieve this? The key to all this is to set and plan our finances carefully. However, the basic desire to bring happiness just not strong enough to motivate us to be disciplined money management. There should be a specific goal for us is more focused on the goals and objectives into the future.

We must realize that a mission impossible to realize all wishes. We must be wise to determine specifically, what was the main goal. How, we must first record all the goals were based on the cycles and stages of life.

Types of Investment Instruments

There are many types of investment instruments available in the market. To select the most suitable investment for you, you have to know the character of each instrument.

In general, bonds are debt securities issued by companies or governments. When buying bonds, you lend money to the issuer.

In return, publishers will give you interest on your money before, and eventually return all the money you lend. Factors of interest paid regularly (every 3 months-6 months) that makes the bonds into fixed-income investment group.

Investment Definition

Investment is defined as money or investment in a company or project for purposes of profit. Basically, the investment is to buy an asset that is expected in the future be resold with a higher value.

Investments can also be regarded as a delay current consumption for future consumption. Expectations on future profit is compensation for time and risk associated with any investment made.


Someone would have to think about the future at which time the needs of living continue to rise, demand is meant to be educational, transportation, health, shelter, the need for recreation, worship, until the need for a period not productive. With this background, the person aside a portion of its income in the productive and to invest for the period in which they become less productive.